Jill McFarland

Founder and CEO

Jill has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. After four years of leading digital and social media for the Applebee’s brand, Jill founded Stellar Digital Marketing and has since worked with many nationally known brands to build out their social and digital media presence. Prior to Applebee’s, Jill’s career included lead marketing roles at several start-ups as well as well established brands.

jill@stellardigital.marketing | CST

Susie Ragland

Executive Director of Community Management

I’ve lived most of my professional life in the restaurant industry. I love this industry so much that I even married a chef (which, by the way, sounds better in theory than in reality – yeah, we eat a lot of takeout.)

Ride-or-die for restaurant led me down a wild path where I transitioned my nearly 15 year career with Applebee’s to digital marketing and consulting for a variety of clients with Stellar Digital. I switched from talking burgers and beers all day to well, ok, I still talk burgers and beers. But, I also dabbled and dove into pizza, cell phones, a coney tradition, smoothies, women’s retail fashion, make-up, natural pet products, politics, california sandwiches, barcades, legendary clam chowder sourdough bread bowls and even Guatemalan chicken and aguas frescas.

Fave Color: Purple (and also sparkles, and yes, that’s a color per my kiddo)

susie@stellardigital.marketing | EST

Kirsten Youngblood

Community Manager

Kirsten is a versatile business professional experienced in Recruiting, Coaching, Sales, and Training. Her recent background includes the apparel and fashion industry, pin-pointing specific trends in each business through analyzing business metrics. Before joining Stellar Digital, Kirsten was with Loft Outlet. Kirsten puts her firsthand retail experience to use with clients like Cricket Wireless, Kriser’s, and Torrid.

kirsten@stellardigital.marketing | MST

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