Why is a Sandwich Commercial Giving People the Chills?

We at Stellar Digital are strong believers in the power of local marketing and community engagement. Last week, the week before the AFC Championship matchup of the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots, we spotted a social post from Goodcents Subs including footage of the Chief’s rising star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. This KC-based…

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Bark!, A “Pawsitive” Story Amidst Shutdown Woes

In the wake of the government shutdown, Bark! launched a program to help support their local communities by hooking furloughed government employees up with a free bag of pet food. Bark! is a pet supply company that provides healthy, ecologically sustainable, and socially responsible products for your animal companions. While there is a lot of…

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Facebook recommendations

Why Not Turn on Automated Responses to Reviews/Recommendations?

  Facebook recently released a tool that makes it easier for brands to manage their online reputation…or did they? Facebook allows brands to turn on Automated Responses when a customer recommends or leaves a “Doesn’t Recommend” status for a brand. Brands can create one canned response for “Recommended” and one canned response for “Doesn’t Recommend.”…

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Voice Assistants are Impacting Local Search

The adoption of voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana will only increase the ever-growing importance of managing local pages. Mobile voice search is three times more likely to be local-based than text search. Ever ask Siri for restaurant suggestions? How about Alexa, Cortana or Google Now? Do you know…

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The significance of Google’s shift to mobile-first reaches far beyond the importance of having a mobile optimized website. Research shows that a company’s website, especially restaurants, accounted for less than 10% of their online traffic. They are seeing 10x more activity on Google, FB and Yelp.


Local social media pages and local content are becoming increasingly important. When people conduct a search for a restaurant or bar on their phone, they’ll likely be prompted to search for one “near me” or they’ll see the closest location as the first result, meaning that they often engage first with a local listing rather…



The constant evolution of the search engine landscape can be difficult for multi-unit brands who are juggling the online presence of many locations in addition to their brand. Whether they’re aware or not, each of their locations likely has a Facebook page, Google page, Yelp page, etc.  Google and Yelp pages are crowd-sourced meaning anyone on the…

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend and present at AG Catalyst. I was included because of my restaurant/foodservice background but I knew little about the agriculture industry or the challenges they faced before I attended.

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