In the wake of the government shutdown, Bark! launched a program to help support their local communities by hooking furloughed government employees up with a free bag of pet food. Bark! is a pet supply company that provides healthy, ecologically sustainable, and socially responsible products for your animal companions. While there is a lot of buzz this week around Gillette’s highly promoted socially responsible #TheBestMenCanBe campaign, we think Bark! deserves some attention.

With just 8 locations in Maryland, Bark!’s social post around their program has gone viral – digitally and as a micro-movement. Their message is, “If your income has been affected by the government shutdown, we’ll feed your pet for free.” Since launching, they’ve been inundated with “pawsitive” messages, reviews and recommendations.

Though Bark!’s scale is small their message or rather, their bark, is mighty as it has reached furloughed humans across the United States. While their program is local and limited to humans who can physically come in and show their government employee ID, their goodwill has spread. This east coast brand has received messages from people wanting to replicate their program in their local neighborhood as well as others who are collecting donations to help furry families in need.

Bark!’s story is inspiring communities, or more appropriately, human packs to come together during this ruff time to support one another. If you feel inspired and want to help, a donation to your local pet food bank is a purrrfect place to start. (Sorry, we really enjoy our animal puns around here!)


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