I get it, I’ve been there. I worked for a restaurant that had 200+ corporate-owned stores, and we had a stellar (no pun intended) Facebook brand page.

We didn’t want to claim/pay attention to/deal with a Facebook page for each location. Granted, this was 7 years ago, and times have changed.

If you’re invested in one great, main Facebook page for your business, even if it has multiple locations, why should you care about each location’s Facebook page?

#1: Your local pages are  already there, and they’re not going away.

#2 People are looking for recommendations via their status, on Facebook, and your local page is showing up in those results:

Facebook Status Looking for Recommendations 

Image 1.jpg

Facebook gives the publisher the option to click ask, this prompts the user to see a list of friends who have lived in Oceanside, friends who have been to Oceanside, and the option to search for any friend.

Local Pages Are Tagged in Responses

Image 2 .png

Whether a recommended place has 1 or 1,000 locations, Facebook will recommend the closest location, and include a clickable snippet of the local Facebook page in the comments with:

  • Star rating
  • Cuisine type
  • Address
  • $-$$$$

Recommended Local Pages Are Pinned 

Image 3.png

Recommendations are pinned on an interactive map on the poster’s status and includes:

  • Viewer’s current location
  • Recommendations’ locations
  • Details of each recommendation
    • Local page (Chili’s Oceanside, not Chili’s main brand page)
    • Who recommended the page
    • Star rating
    • Cuisine type
    • Address
    • $-$$$$
  • Ability to add more location pages

Interested customers are most likely to consider a recommendation if it has a Facebook page tied to it. If someone clicks on a recommended page, and there haven’t been any posts in a while, they’ll probably move on to the most active page, and dine there.

We live in an age where we trust recommendations from friends, 88% more than advertisements and brand posts. Customers enjoy making recommendations, writing reviews and finding the next best place in town.

Your local pages are being recommended and tagged whether or not they are accurate and up to date.

Simply claiming your Facebook page will not suffice, your local pages need to be monitored, reviews should be responded to, new content should be posted daily, and store information and photos should be up to date.

Stellar Digital helps brands manage their local pages, at scale, while providing actionable insights and trends.  Our team has years of experience helping multi-unit and franchised brands and understands reputation management, marketing opportunities and operational challenges that come along with maintaining 1 to thousands of online properties.

Contact us to learn more!



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  1. So true! Facebook is making it very clear that local pages are here to stay and continues to increase their relevance on the network. Multi-location brands can easily see that getting their store presence clean and active as soon as possible will have long term benefits.


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